Planning Your Own Wine Tasting Meal

There are fine restaurants all over the world that offer food and wine pairings meals, but they tend to be very expensive. You can save money and make a fun evening by planning your own food and wine pairing dinner in your own home. All you need to know are a few simple tips.

  1. Begin by choosing what style of food you would like to serve. Perhaps you would like an Italian or French themed dinner, or a good old American style meal! If you are serving Italian recipes, Italian wines should be the star of the show. If you wish to focus on American style food, California wines will shine!
  2. Once you have chosen the style of food, choose the actual recipes. You will look at the ingredients in your recipes, such as the seasonings on the meats and sauces to help you match the wine that will taste best with your entree choices.
  3. Consider the weight of each course. Lighter foods deserve to be paired with a low tannin, lighter weight wine. Heavy foods need a heavy wine so that the wine will still stand out against the heavy food.
  4. Consider beginning your meal with a Prosecco, Cava, Champagne or sparkling wine. I love to put a glass in my guests hands the moment they walk in the door! Nothing else makes an occasion seem festive like a glass of bubbly!


You can do what I did recently! Make the most of a bottle of wine that you wish to drink, by researching recipes that pair well with the style of wine which you happen to have! I recently received two bottles of wine as a gift, wines that I would never purchase for myself. Both were very oaky California chardonnay’s, which happens to be my least favorite type of wine. I wanted to try to make the most of these bottles by researching recipes that pair well with an oaky chardonnay. The results were fabulous! A heavily oaked chardonnay can be delicious when served with the right menu!

Just as an example I’ve shared with you my wine chardonnay pairing dinner menu.

Chardonnay Pairings Menu

2010 MacMurray Chardonnay
Russian River Valley Sonoma, California

Brown Sugar and Macadamia Nut Brie

Sea Scallops Wrapped in Bacon

Winter White Salad
Served with Buttermilk Blue Cheese Dressing

Dijon Chicken Drumsticks
served with crusty bread

Vin Santo served with Apricot Almond Biscotti

Use your imagination, the internet and get pairing! Enjoy!




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