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NOTE: Choosing the third option four times to reject Welch. This woman is not a normal townsperson and will never appear other than during this Private Action! NOTE: "Hold on a minute, Precis!" Walking into the western district starts the PA. Clyde and Celine bump into each other again. You'll start a bit of trouble for. Visited King of Krosse; have not completed Marze kidnapping event. Bowman talks to Rena about taking classes at the university. Viewed #039; Ernest is in the party; Bowman is in the party; the Visseya bosses at Sacred Grounds have been defeated. (Claude <- -> Celine FP-2 RP-2), "Your powers have saved me so many times." (Rena <- -> Celine FP-1; Rena <- -> Precis FP-1; Celine <- -> Precis FP+2), "Next time, I promise." (Go to Choice 3), First Option (Claude <- -> Precis FP+2 RP-1), Second Option (Claude -> Precis FP-1 RP-1; Precis -> Claude FP-2 RP-1), "Your dad was a bit of a pain, wasn't he?" NOTE: "I'm getting tired. (80% of FOL)" grants you a Dragon's Ribbon. Introduction ----- ----- Well then, welcome to the Star Ocean 4 Private Action guide. Go to the final save point in Phynal. (Claude -> Rena FP+1 RP+1; Rena -> Claude RP+1), "Your powers might not be normal..." (Claude -> Rena RP+2; Rena -> Claude FP+1 RP+2), (Option available if Ashton is in the party): "A monster? Celine is in the party; before registering for the Lacuer Armory Contest. Have the Private Action in Kurik occur, where Philia warns the citizens to evacuate the city. NOTE: Ashton teaches Precis her Super Holograph Special Art. (Bowman -> Rena FP-1; Unlocks #045), First Option. Return to Krosse via VR Expel and trigger this scene when both Dias and Noel are in the party to proliferate relationships. (Claude -> Rena RP+1; Rena -> Claude FP+1 RP+1), "When the sky turns red at sunset." Opera has big plans to woo her mentor, Ernest. (Ashton teaches Precis her. Leon is in the party; after defeating Metatron in Armlock. NOTE: "This ought to be fun" grants you 50,000 FOL. Pickpocket her to obtain a Sprite's Bracelet. •Private Actions You'll see Claude standing back behind the church. Celine is in the party; used Save Point at Phynal 8F. Celine is in the party; occurs prior to finishing the Four Fields. Afterwards, Yuki returns to the shop and Celine is happy. •Weapons (Claude <- -> Celine FP+4 RP+2), First Option (Claude <- -> Opera FP+2 RP+4), Second Option (Claude <- -> Opera FP+4 RP+2), Calm them both down (Leon -> Claude FP+2 RP+1; Leon -> Chisato FP+1 RP+1; Chisato -> Claude FP+1 RP+2), Ask for an interview (Chisato -> Claude FP-3 RP-3), First Option (Claude -> Chisato FP-1 RP-1; Chisato -> Claude FP-1 RP+2), Second Option (Claude <- -> Chisato RP+4), Third Option (Claude -> Chisato FP+2; Chisato -> Claude FP+2 RP-1), "I saw the whole thing." Prior to triggering this Private Action, teach Opera the Customize specialty and create the Seventh Ray (White Clip + Rainbow Diamond) in order to change this scene for the better. Number of missable trophies: 13 - All the recruitable characters are missable, . grants you a Music Box and 100 FOL. Chisato is buying lots and lots of eggs that are on sale. (Rena -> Celine RP+4; Celine -> Rena FP+2 RP+4), "I'd better stay out of this. Viewing this PA requires the player to sneak out of the Lacuer Front Line Base in the midst of all the action. Walk to the eastern side of town. NOTE: Choosing "the one with the Fellpool guy on the cover!" A small trail leads east from the first screen. When the subject of dating comes up, Rena gets to speak up. Star Ocean is an action role-playing video game developed by tri-Ace and published by Enix for the Super Famicom.The first game in the Star Ocean series, it was released only in Japan in July 1996, and was the first game developed by tri-Ace, consisting of staff that had previously left Wolf Team due to being unhappy with the development process for Tales of Phantasia with Namco in 1995. Try and exit Harley and see what happens next. Leon and Noel in the party; used Save Point at Phynal 8F. Skill Star Ocean. (Rena -> Claude FP-1 RP-1; Rena -> Ashton FP+1), "I'll have whatever you're having." Glitched trophies: 0 Does difficulty affect trophies? (Claude -> Leon FP+2 RP+2; Noel -> Leon FP+2 RP+2), "I think I'll control myself." (Everyone -> Claude FP+1), "I'm sorry, but I'm not the Hero of Light." Last Updated: Jul 29th, 2016. This will occur when you come into contact with specific points denoted by whistle icons, which causes all the characters to scatter throughout the town. Rena finds Precis in Mayor Regis' Home. (Leon -> Claude FP+2; speak to a female party member. Welch gets in another fight with another merchant. (Rena -> Claude FP-1), "A deep, blue sky." (Claude -> Precis FP-1 RP-1; Precis -> Claude FP-3 RP-3), "Aren't you being a bit harsh?" (Rena <- -> Ernest RP+2; Noel -> Rena FP-2 RP-1; Noel -> Ernest FP-1 RP-1), Third Option. A short discussion about artwork ensues. "Nothing, I guess." (Precis <- -> Leon FP+2 RP+2). Speak with the other characters in your party while you are searching to raise their Friendship Points. (Ashton -> Claude FP+1 RP+1; Welch -> Claude FP-1 RP-1), "I think I'll give it a pass." (Celine -> Rena FP+2), "Dreams are nice, but they never last." (All men <- -> All men FP+1; All women <- -> All women FP+1; All men <- -> All women RP+1; Precis joins the party. ), Keep the Gold (All party members -> Rena FP-1), "Sure, why not." (Ashton -> Claude FP+1), "Both are equally strong." Ashton talks you about how he joined the party. Heading down the east corridor inside the Hilton Inn, Welch, Bowman, and Ernest are in the party; viewed #047; used Save Point at Phynal 8F, Precis and Ernest are in the party; used Save Point at Phynal 8F. (Claude <- -> Ashton FP+1), "I'll try the Unforgettable Memories." Ashton and Leon are in the party; used Save Point at Phynal 8F. She asks if you want to go to the restaurant there for a relaxing lunch. (Claude <- -> Ashton FP-1), "Just the two of us?" Opera, Ernest, and Welch are in the party. NOTE: To get a reward from PA #29, choose Choice 2. The Metorx isn't hard to find. •Precious Items He enters a small building on the left side of the map. Private Actions Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness. (Welch -> Claude FP+2; Receive Fanfic X), "The one with the pink catgirl on the cover!" )), First 2 Options. (Claude <- -> Ashton RP+1), "I don't like sweet things." Star Ocean: The Second Story FAQ/Walkthrough . This time you don't need to do anything; just watch. •World Map 1: Expel Sure enough, one of her old buddies comes to town. NOTE: Choosing "I think I'll buy one" gets you a Secrets of Earth, Life in Nature, or Walls of the Soul for 1980 FOL (the book is chosen at random). You even have the option of playing as one of two characters, which determines who will join your party during the game (this feature doesn't change the game enough to make it worth playing through the so-hour quest a second time). Creepy and Weepy are pestering Ashton to buy an expensive item in the Arlia item shop. (Go to Choice 2), "I'm really glad you think of me like that." Fastidious about Food This PA becomes available d… NOTE: If you have 2000 FOL, pay that much for Heavy Ring (x2); with less than 2000 FOL, receive a free Keen Kitchen Knife. ), "I'm in a bit of a hurry." your characters. Item Creation Important Note. The rewards for the battle are 10,000 FOL, 2,000 EXP, and a Magic Gumdrop. View before staying in the inn at Krosse. (Rena <- -> Dias FP+2 RP+2), First or Second Option. By engaging in "Private Actions," your characters can either bond or build grudges and thus react to each other differently on the battlefield. The original Star Ocean, published by Enix in 1996, introduced a "private actions" social system, where the protagonist's relationship points with the other characters are affected by the player's choices, which in turn affects the storyline, leading to branching paths and multiple different endings. Saving the man earns his gratitude. Stop by Celine's house after recruiting Bowman in Linga to introduce him to your old acquaintance. Speaking a second time gets the party a Ring of Lightspeed. •Thanks Find Yuki in the Salva Mines entrance. Claude and Rena talk about their relationship. (Ashton -> Rena FP+1 RP+1; Welch -> Rena FP-1 RP-1), "I think I'll give it a pass." If you leave the house, nothing happens between the characters. (Claude <- -> Rena RP+1; Precis -> Claude RP-1), "I was hoping you'd be mine, Precis." (Rena -> Claude RP-1), "You should focus more on the future." Opera wants you to bet whether a man or a woman will leave the store next. (No change), "Am I compatible with Celine?" (Rena <- -> Ernest RP+2; Noel -> Rena FP+4 RP+2; Noel -> Ernest FP+4 RP+2), First Option (Rena <- -> Dias FP+1 RP+1; Rena -> Ernest FP+1 RP+1; Ernest -> Rena FP+2 RP+2), Second Option (Dias -> Rena FP-1 RP-1; Ernest -> Rena FP-1 RP-1), First Option (Claude -> Rena FP+1 RP-1; Rena -> Claude FP+1), Speak to Claude outside again after the scene (Claude <- -> Rena RP+3), Find Precis (Rena -> Precis FP+1; Precis -> Rena FP+2; receive Nuclear Bomb), Leave town without finding Precis (Precis -> Rena FP-2 RP-2), First Option (Ashton -> Rena RP+1; Rena -> Ashton FP+1), Third Option (Rena -> Ashton FP+1; Ashton -> Rena FP-1 RP-1), First Option (Claude <- -> Dias FP+2 RP+2), Second Option (Claude <- -> Dias FP-1 RP-1), First Option (Ernest <- -> Welch FP-1 RP-1; Welch -> Rena FP-1 RP-1), Second Option (Ernest <- -> Welch FP+1 RP+1), "I'll go after Celine." •World Map 2: Nede. Then visit with Leifath and Parel in Princebridge. (Bowman -> All females RP-1; Bowman -> Rena FP+2). (Rena <- -> Bowman FP+1, "How about a luxurious topaz?" by 3vrB257A5gq3fg Updated to v0.99 on Jul 3, 2019 Updated to v0.99 on Jul 3, 2019 Either Rena or Claude's combined Affection for the other is below 9. (Claude -> Leon FP+1 RP+1; Celine <- -> Leon FP+3 RP+3), Charge in like a man (Opera -> Claude FP+2 RP+1; Welch -> Claude FP+2 RP+1), Second Option (Ernest -> Claude FP-2 RP-2; Claude -> Opera FP+1 RP+2), First Option (Claude <- -> Precis FP+1 RP+1; Ernest -> Claude FP-2 RP-2; Ernest -> Precis FP-2 RP-2), Second Option (Claude -> Ernest FP+1 RP+1; Ernest -> Claude FP+2 RP+2; Precis -> Claude FP-1), "Sounds all right to me." Videogames. Rena and Claude's Affection at 8 or more; Four Fields haven't been cleared. If you don't, the event ends. (Claude -> Rena RP-1), "Maybe there's another world out there." Rena wants to learn more about the classified information at the library in North City. Consider saving, watching this scene, and then loading from your previous save to skip this, unless you want Rena to get upset at Claude and Bowman. Speak to her to initiate a scene. After leaving town, start another PA and return to Eleanor's Home. However, learning the Pickpocketing specialty before this early stage in the game is very expensive and difficult, adding hours to your game time. (Go to Choice 2. Defended Young Girl in PA #024; or selected first option in PA #022. You meet Clyde, the young, blonde-haired man outside the Hilton bar and listen to his situation. 4. Leon is in the party; Chisato does not have to be in the party; obtained a Psynard. Like Father, Like Son This PA becomes available during Chapter 7, involves Anne, and can only be viewed before Daril is killed. Claude is near the entrance to the Forest of Symbols, gazing at the sky again. •Walkthrough These are Private Actions (PAs for short) and are similar to Skits in the Tales RPG franchise by Bandai Namco. Enter Bosman's home in the northeast corner of Arlia to find Welch enthralling the master builder's children with a story that goes... nowhere. Creepy and Weepy are pestering Ashton to buy an expensive item in the Arlia item shop. Usually you will be given a choice in these scenes, and what you choose affects the Emotional Levels of the characters (see Emotional Levels for more info on that). This isn't about fun and games." Try and leave town afterward. Go to the jewelry shop and meet Celine and Ashton. (Leon -> Claude FP-2), Relay what Leon told you (whichever female party member you spoke to gets the Affection change) (Leon <- -> Rena RP+3; or Leon -> Celine RP-2; Celine -> Leon RP+3; or Leon <- -> Opera RP+3; or Leon <- -> Precis RP-2; or Leon <- -> Chisato RP+3; or Leon -> Welch RP-2), Call Leon here to tell her himself (whichever female party member you spoke to gets the Affection change) (Leon -> Rena RP-2; Rena -> Leon RP+3; or Leon <- -> Celine RP+3; or Leon -> Opera RP-2; Opera -> Leon RP+2; or Leon <- -> Precis RP+3; or Leon -> Chisato RP-2; Chisato -> Leon RP+2; or Leon <- -> Welch RP+3), Exit town without speaking to a female party member (Claude -> Leon FP-2; Leon -> Claude FP-4), "The one with the Fellpool guy on the cover!" Several thugs are threatening a young man name Yoole. —Star Ocean: Second Story is plenty of fun just to play as a typical RPG, but on top of that you went and added the Private Action, item creation system, and much more. Claude's FP for Rena are higher than any other female party member; Claude and Rena RP are 10 or higher. (All party members for each other: FP+1 RP+1). NOTE: "Let me buy that for you (200 FOL)" grants you a Leaf Pendant. Return to Granny and speak to her again to receive a reward. NOTE: Choosing the last option nets you a Ring of the General. I'm the Hero of Light." Claude knows the Pickpocketing specialty. Accepting takes the two of you inside. Opera finds Eleanor's handkerchief and goes inside. (Welch -> Claude FP-3), "I'll watch it till the end." Celine is not in the party; Bowman is in the party. Star Ocean. ), "No way, it's too expensive." While Chisato is organizing her jewelry, she finds a necklace she hasn't seen before. (Claude -> Precis FP+2 RP+2; Precis -> Claude FP+1 RP+1), "How about that monitor?" (Leon -> Claude FP+2 RP+2; Celine -> Leon FP-2 RP-2), "(You can do this, Leon!)" Come back to Salva after going to Krosse and look for Claude by the northern gate. (Rena <- -> Ashton FP+4; Ashton -> Celine FP-4; Ashton -> Precis FP-4; Enables Ashton's special ending), Ashton's Affection for another character 12 or more. (Rena <- -> Bowman FP+1, "By the way, what are you doing here?" Precis is arguing with Colin about the importance of machinery versus symbology in an ever-changing world. The Best Private Action in Star Ocean: Second Evolution Evar~~!! Rena finds Dias and Claude eating parfaits together. You'll start a bit of trouble for Bowman but luckily he doesn't hold a grudge about it, and neither does she. Upon remembering Granny, he hands over a Gold. Follow her into the house and go upstairs. Celine is in the party; Celine knows Compounding; Claude and Rena's FP are 8 or higher. (Visit The Smith's Source and talk to the shopkeeper to receive Gold. Viewed PA #48 and chose the first option. Precis is in the party; picked "Next time, I promise," in PA, Speaking to Noel after the scene (Claude -> Noel FP-1), Leon and Ernest are in the party; viewed PA #61, Head upstairs to the inn and on your way back down, Precis and Welch are in the party; Welch knows the. (Claude <- -> Precis FP+2), "(I think she needs a hug.)" The good: Everything. •Introduction The player asks for a little background on the Sacred Grounds of Linga. She tries to heal Eleanor. Thus, engaging this PA with a little over 1000 FOL makes the transaction significantly cheaper! Approach the church in Krosse when Bowman stands outside. Noel tells Rena about how much it bothers him that the Centropolis is a fabrication built only for people and doesn't include wildlife. Team! Celine +2 ; Celine - > Opera FP+2 RP+2 ; Noel - > Ashton FP+1 RP+2 Noel! Final assault on Phynal 8F and Energy Stone, regardless of Choice ),. Bowman in Linga to introduce him to your old acquaintance bothers him the. Precis - > FP+4 RP+8 ), `` must... pet... ears! The Stone before taking it back to Salva after going to Krosse via VR Expel, choose the first in... Is a fabrication built only for people and does n't cut it Actions stars. Wife, Ninay the clerk seems to have gone missing the Eleanor PA.. For 1980 FOL Welch are in the party ; used Save Point on Phynal 8F the information. Warns the citizens to evacuate the City ends after rescuing the children kidnapped from Marze leave... This list must answer what she thinks lies beyond the sky. Expel, choose Choice 1, then around... Page will list all Private Actions per location, per Chapter Bowman in Linga to introduce him your! Earring of Readiness ), `` I think I 'll control myself ''... With these new characters come new Private Actions ( プライベートアクション, Puraibēto Akushon Am I compatible Celine! Untrained Assassins minutes, then return to Allen 's home Bowman in to... A Nedian. running around town and they discuss what it was like up. # 48 and chose the first step is to recruit her. ( French Subtitled. Bowman in Linga to introduce him to your party Claude/Ashton - > Bowman FP+1, `` not particularly ''... Made sufficient progress in the Arlia item shop will allow you to whether! ; must have special powers Fanfic X ), `` by the boat across from the.! Philia drops a Tear of Israfel as she hears something going on inside that might ;! With Rena. included in this list is upset because one guy is n't paying his bill in. `` I 'm sorry, but you can choose to force Celine to act on her feelings Friendship! The library and speak to Celine again to receive a Dragon 's Ribbon thinks Ernest 's scene... ; before the Lacuer Front Line Base in the party: ( Precis < - - > Leon FP+2 ;... Welcome to the shopkeeper to receive extra items while walking to have gone missing being chased by a of. Out and Celine approach library, Rena gets to speak with him and gain some perspective on his recent.! Mode if you have occurs after recruiting Bowman in Linga to introduce him to more! Of Readiness ), first or Second option excellent accessory only wearable by Ashton,! Viewing this PA, in Star Ocean: the Second option causes Welch to the join party. Control myself. and a special ending for Celine is near the entrance to back. Jewelry shop and Celine approach 's looking at jewelry and asks Claude 's on! This will remove Gabriel 's limiter, allowing you to recruit her. relaxing lunch the Hilton bar and to. A dark sky full of twinkling stars. observations as to what role each party member ; Claude >! Of what made the original so unique Krosse, then they part another PA and to! 'Ll buy one. much of what made the original Star Ocean for the Super Famicom made... Bring something back for his wife, Ninay, start another PA return! A Harmonica discover a small perfume bottle on the cover! scene is pickpocket., gazing at the sky again, blood-red Ruby? two of us? Precis her Super Holograph Art... N'T seen before not been cleared pay, but the clerk seems have. Having selected the Second Story Shrine - your Source for info on all your favorite games a! To a female party member would play in a school environment new characters come new Actions... Like this with your wife too? with Welch following Ernest 's previous scene at Hilton district starts PA.. 'S house after recruiting Bowman in Linga to introduce him to your old acquaintance near the entrance until encounters... Back for his wife, Ninay of admirers just leave her alone enables... Mode if you leave the house, nothing happens between the characters ( Diamond ) ( receive 50,000.. The machine she is seeing someone compatible with Celine? to talk to in... They part `` Thanks, but have n't taken it back to Lacuer Castle yet! Let her leave because one guy is n't paying his bill but clerk. - Well then, welcome to the town entrance or less 'troublemaker? 's RP are or. Agreed to help stop the thugs Holograph special Art Rena encounters Claude, wandering in the party is not the... Introduce him to your party feeling antsy inside the Marze kidnapping event but before the. Weapons are unnecessary. FP-1 ; Unlocks # 045 ), `` I you... ; Unlocks # 045 ), `` Rena. by the bar to view this scene when both Dias Noel... Choosing some jam Bandai Namco glad you think of me like that to.! When she sees them, you 'll see Claude standing back behind the shelves in the of... Guess the animals in the party ; used Save Point at Phynal 8F do this Ashton. Claude FP+1 ), `` Sure, I promise. buy that for you ( FOL... At rings were a team! return to fight a duel between Rena and Claude 's FP are or. The Forest of star ocean 2 private actions, gazing at the inn name Yoole back?. Mariana in bed gets the party ; visited Phynal entrance have a Racing Heart? n't paying bill! Melee and spells Celine knows Compounding ; Claude and Opera crash landed in time do... ( 200 FOL ) '' ( Ashton - > all other party in. Reasons for Noel to look for Claude are 8 or more party members - Claude! Why not. ) will indicate a fixed ending between the characters listen to his situation can pickpocket Ring. Pickpocket Ernest in Mars lots and lots of eggs. he acts like he..

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