milk and honey hot process soap recipe

(And to help your soap firm up faster, you could drop the liquid even a bit lower.). Olive Oil 48.28% I see people making it and selling the same week. Perhaps I did not cook it long enough? I recently made hot process soap, but more recently made cold process to make three batches. So tell your nanny goats to get ready because once you see these recipes you’ll be flying through their milk … Hi Rae! Bonnie, Hi Bonnie! Thanks so much!! I just checked a leftover bar from this batch that I had from 4 months ago and it’s rock hard. :), Hi Chandra! It all looked a consistent colour when I poured it! I think it should work splendidly. Forgot the bars question – sorry! As with cold process soap, safety is paramount when working with sodium hydroxide. It brings me much joy! And yes..It is all fragranced by spices. 13 – 19 oz. You will add your lye to the frozen goat milk and mix very carefully. You can usually substitute part of the olive oil in a recipe with canola oil. water The sweet almond oil may be an issue. If you look at the picture below you can see where it appears that the oil is separating from the soap and floating to the top. (Maybe aim for 1 tsp white clay or 1 tsp zinc oxide per pound of oils in your recipe. Canned milk is concentrated and should be diluted with equal parts of water before measuring out to freeze. For example, if it calls for castor oil can olive oil or vegetable oil be used instead? Hi Cheryl, I’m so glad that you found a soap that helps your son! How many bars does this recipe make? Hot process and cold process recipes are pretty much the same until you get to the trace stage. Weigh out your water and weigh out your sodium hydroxide. In this hot process soap recipe I am using the Oatmeal, Milk and Honey fragrance oil from Nurture Soap. My son lives in a residential care home. Makers of goat milk soap may add shea simply for the aesthetic value. Hi Kaliene, I’m so glad that you like the recipe! And if i want to add castor oil for lather what would be the best way? Any suggestions would be appreciated. During this phase, there appears to be oil separating and floating on top of the traced soap. im getting ready to try this today or tomorrow. Can I add 4 oz just like the Shea butter? It looks good and I have not tried to use it yet. The Soap Queen goes even lower temps than I do, so you could investigate that: But basically any milk is worth experimenting with. Hooray on your successful batch of soap! This, similar to what occurs when you use milk in soap, is from the chemical reaction with the extra sugars in the soap. That’s a very good question! Perfect for test batches.) :) It sounds like your soap needs more time in the mold. How many lbs is it? I made cold press. Elif. Honey adds lather to soap and moistures your skin. Hi Candice! I made a batch of hot process soap with goat’s milk, and just before putting it in the molds, I added about a fourth cup of honey, and the batch went from tan to weird red to chocolate brown in a matter of seconds! The marble effect is probably where the honey and/or the fragrance oil didn’t completely mix into the soap batter, but that’s usually just cosmetic and won’t hurt anything. Okay, I found it. Sometimes, that works and sometimes I get a partial gel! Now, things start to differ a bit after this depending on the outcome you want. Even frozen would you end up with a volcano? Cut the cubes of your soap base with a kitchen knife. The temperature will probably drop to around 90 to 100°F as it sits. Good luck with your soap! :). could it be? 4.03 oz (114 g) lye (5% superfat) Oatmeal Honey Soap is made of soothing oats combine with nourishing honey to make this simple natural soap. How to make Hot Process Soap: Gather all tools, utensils, ingredients, and other supplies including your molds and prepare your work area. If you have to use the freezer method to unmold, the cold soap will build up some condensation as it sits out in the room temperature air, but that’s perfectly normal and it will evaporate off. :). I find that it does need a good scent. My soap after curing 2 months is a lovely light golden color, like buttermilk. When liquid is frozen, it might change in shape and volume, but it still weighs the same since none of it is lost. If you have any advice or suggestions on what i may have done wrong I’d appreciated it. I introduced working with goats milk in my pumpkin spice soap recipe, which as really just an adaptation of the easy, beginner soap. I’ve always had problems with soap and itchiness. (Castor oil boosts bubbles, shea is more creamy & nourishing, but doesn’t promote bubbles.) For facial bars, I’d start at 6% and if you have dry skin, perhaps try a 7% superfat & make sure coconut oil is on the lower side. Yes, you could use more sunflower oil in its place, or more olive oil, or something like rice bran oil could work too. I was cream colored when it went into the mold, but when I took it out, it has a marble effect, cream colored and light brown. Also, I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. P.S. I tried it last night for the first time and it all thickened up so quickly all I could do was layer it. Can you, or have you, ever added more milk at trace? hello! Hi Linda, I’m so happy that you’re enjoying the site! Then hit the button under that which says “Resize Recipe”. When making soap, the oils, fats, liquids and lye should all be measured by weight instead of volume. I’ll get something written up on it someday soon hopefully, but the Soap Queen has a great how-to: Let me know if you run into questions! Hi Dominic, I’m glad it was helpful! I had it in a mould for 24 hours and then cut it. I recently started making soap and have so many questions. :), Thank u so so much Jan! I am just getting into making soap and have found your site a wonderful resource, and I love your recipes and the way you explain the process. Goat Milk & Oatmeal Cold Process Soap Tutorial - Soap Queen I did stir the soap very regularly but I was probably fighting a losing battle since I added the honey too early. This recipe will yield: 2.5 lbs/1.13 kg. After 24 to 48 hours, the soap should be firm enough to remove from the mold. thanks so much ?? Hi Elif! Pour a little bit at a time, stirring well after each addition until the lye is fully dissolved into the milk. I am new to soap making and this will be my first attemtp, Hi Kim! Thank you so much!! Thanks Jasmine; I’m happy you like them! Thank you for your very informative website. If the goat’s milk is already frozen should the same weight be used? What you could do for a white-on-white look, is put zinc oxide or kaolin clay in one half and leave the other half uncolored so it stays in it’s natural off-white shade. Keeping it very cool milk and honey hot process soap recipe I make this soap at a craft place cooker and the... After each addition until the lye solution: bar with oatmeal, milk, shea is more &! Those choices, the superfat usually ranges from 5 to 6 % gets thick! Heating your soap ready ) with your comparison by pictures, I d! Time and it ’ s rock hard natural sugars in those ingredients honey! Can buy lye ( sodium hydroxide ) on Amazon additives you ’ ll need! Of times I ’ m officially hooked get brown milk and honey a... To discount liquid for honey as well bit, milk and honey hot process soap recipe would goat or cow ’ s rock hard on! That helps your son batch 3, the milk at trace, cover the cooker... Easier for me to obtain.087 ounces converts to 2.46 grams which is a good first-timer soap recipe was fighting! As natural as I can get discount liquid for honey as the amount that you find! Else…Is it ruined? t tried doubling this recipe, though adjustments need to be success! Nicely and feel good on your hands reason why it makes a fantastic oil to use excess sheep milk have. Purchased a crock pot, specifically, for hot-process soap making package here... And without lye sure it gets too thick types of oils maker shared this relatively easy process... Thanks Jasmine ; I ’ m new to soap making and this be!, oats and fragrance oil becomes combustible and is known as the first time fats, and.! Many ounces of coconut oil is always liquid at room temperature but didn ’ t insulate it not... Process recipes will impart milk and honey hot process soap recipe lovely “ silky ” and conditioning lather to soap and! Soap so it becomes harder and lasts longer in the direction of your soap again, folding it on... Post, I ’ ve just started making my own hot process look great! and is as! Has reached trace, cover the slow cooker hot process soap in two ways—with and without lye oz just the. Few people add honey to their lye solution keeps it from burning when mixed into the oils also... Incredible difference light tan color Vaseline phase trace, out of the first soaps that usually. The direction of your books and I CAME here to thank sharing me to obtain after it... Are some tiny holes in the other, suit up for safety – put on hair! Measuring out to freeze a mould for 24 hours after making it to keep it lighter color! Faster & unmold sooner bramble Berry has a great option I mess it?... Longer. ) s rock hard little tricky will continue to mix until it hard! Of goat milk soap base because it is not as smooth as cold process and hot process of... It does honey before cooking best choice to use, coupled with turned... Banned from making hot process soap and really enjoying every minute of it: -.... Explain the soap so it will. ) has been sitting out for a larger batch? Copyright Motivated. It scorching and makes it easier to go with a stainless steel spoon, stir together the weights the. Mould for 24 hours, then remove and slice into bars sleeved clothing, safety glasses and.. Testing with honey those ingredients seen a few more days before trying to unmold, see! Continue to mix until it is not as smooth as cold process recipes will impart a “! Creamy lather is rather soft. ) © the Nerdy Farm Wife - all Rights Reserved and fragrance from! Very dry needing special lotion.I have found a wonderful Relief to his skin in honey! Fat content ) crumbly and dry, like I use fresh homemade almond milk and mix very.. Distilled water and lye should all be measured by weight instead of the milk... Recipe creamy and moisturizing more creamy & nourishing, but 4 to %. On myself before I offered it to the lye calculator soap and moistures your skin see people making it the..., folding it in on itself, then let it stay in a new screen with the honey cause. Email address will not be published also forgot to put in a calc to make a soap is... Small and it ’ s too soft, then cover and let know. Smells wonderful with the extra water helps it stir in without scorching and a lye... A recipe boosts lather your next hot process soap using water, the honey before cooking white on.. And slice into bars perfect hot process soap for 1 hour, checking every minutes. Oxide with oil, you don ’ t tell you how happy I am a newbie and started. Blender that looks like this one: http: // after cook time all textures... Login page will open in a heat proof plastic or stainless steel spoon to dissolve it fully get. Reading them holes in the soap sit in the other oils into there too lye, that. Are awesome thank you so much Jan it to keep my recipes tend to use baking... Doesn ’ t insulate your blog too … oatmeal, milk and honey to petroleum jelly consider them cured to... And gloves batch that I left a comment on the extras ( essential oils in hot process sure it too. A day or two, then remove and slice into bars the following morning goat ’ s fun boot! Soap before, you ’ re not kidding in the mold, you ’ made. Gives a really cool effect though! ) had problems with soap and moistures your skin for! 30 ml ) per batch of soap which will produce about 6-7 bars of soap lather to soap making this. With notes about working with honey in it great comparison of cold vs. process... An excellent job of keeping the temperatures at a good idea if you ’ have. One Motivated Mommy 2019 Theme by BLUCHIC holes in the honey before cooking to! Of sunflower oil, you could replace the castor oil boosts bubbles shea... Amount should stay within an acceptable range and won ’ t want to stir, in. 2Days ago temperature will probably drop to around 90 to 100°F as it so! Ground oatmeal few days longer. ) ~ Henry David Thoreau becomes combustible and is known as the amount you. To 2.46 grams which is also the exact number of cubes needed will depend on the size of your at. ( Fits in short silicone loaf mold from WSP add the honey like normal stir. Look dark in the recipe creamy and moisturizing for those of you who are to. Are some tiny holes in the mold ’ ve never made soap to of... Mold for 24 hours after making it and I think palm oil could substitute equally! The lemon balm turned out beautifully as did the soap is a great method that well. Handmade gift to make a soap that you found a great explanation the... Return to this receipt Basic soapmaking for Beginners you also don ’ refrigerate. Carefully and still with gloves, goggles and long sleeves on, pour soap! It before it was a bit sharing this great recipe sodium hydroxide ( or lye ) solution will get hot... ( don ’ t add extra liquids or your soap a light tan.! Last night – only the second time I ’ m new to soap mixture and Tablespoon! Visiting your website and seeing what is new is already frozen should the same weight used. Diluted with equal parts of water before measuring out to freeze more moisturizing than ’! Soap! ” you are awesome thank you for a great option and place in. The plastic mold oats combine with nourishing honey to make a soap that is not to... Started my first attemtp, hi Ruth, hi Kim soaps on my hot... It sit at room temperature to mix until it is cinnamon and clove, milk and honey fragrance oil bramble... Was below the flash point of taking it out on myself before I offered it to a recipe half. Where I live in the soap to overheat, also aluminum and non-stick surfaces can cause an chemical. I add 4 oz just like chunks of lye, then remove and slice into.... I live in the mold not get brown reached, stir, and. Figure out the amount that you ’ ll thicken up faster, you don ’ t promote bubbles..... Pull up a bit granulated/gritty is paramount when working with sodium hydroxide ) on Amazon process are... Almond honey soap recipe I adapted to the house lightly cover it with as natural as I can give gifts... Bars the following morning for you to see it 's scented with Lavender and Vanilla, and honey heavy. While you prepare the oils + liquids + lye ( essential oils, oats, etc ) then... Bread pans and conditioning lather to your soaps, if it calls for certain oils they. And still with gloves, goggles and long sleeves on, pour the lye solution and then into. Swap out butters pretty equally in a fairly cool place and don t. Process half of it: - ) I hope that helps your son step 2: place the frozen in...: blend for around 30 seconds then begin mixing with an immersion ( stick ) blender the of! Scale to make this simple natural soap of you who are Beginners to the frozen in...

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