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A great footy commentator read too! Voicing thousands of cartoons over the past 8 years. A hugely experienced US female voiceover with a variety of styles. From an accessible, natural and chirpy delivery with comic timing, to a delivery closer to the mic for a deep reflective impact, or something smoother and glossier; all tied up in a lovely northern bow (Cumbrian). We use cookies and third party services such as Google Analytics to help us improve your experience using the website. Min session fee applies. He provided the voice-over for the television campaign for HSBC's mortgage offer and has also starred as the voice of a washing machine and in a 2002 commercial for Beechams All-In-One. But also range of (deep) characters and singing. Our voice actors have recorded for companies like eBay, Bank Of America, Apple, Amazon, United and Fidelity. Akiel is a native of and based in Trinidad and Tobago. Stevie's subtle edge of "cool deep" to his "warm calm" gives him wide appeal alongside exceptional production values. ISDN, phone patch and available for London sessions. Minimum session fees apply. Warm, friendly and down to earth. Hugely experienced US Voiceover artist. Sexy, husky, edgy and urban, to warm, young, upbeat and natural. Usually 48 hour mp3 turnaround. Bentinck started doing voice-overs as a child when his father was a producer at the advertising agency J Walter Thompson. Experienced versatile mix of styles from girl next door to yummy mummy, serious & authoritative, funky or fun. UK based. As one of the world’s leading voice over casting companies, we cast a lot of voice over jobs! Warm, clear RP voiceover, ideal for corporate and documentary work - plus audio / character actress. Lot of experience with corporate narration and TV continuity. Rebecca has an ability for character based narrative and is well suited for corporate and documentary reads. Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile. ISDN, Source Connect (Pro) & WAV delivery. Also an established actor. Olivia Colman has voiced the first of nine new M&S Christmas food adverts. Voice artist experienced in both neutral and character reads - ideal for all types of recordings, commercial, corporate, promo, documentary etc. Relaxed and reassuring, positive, businesslike or bright and all the bits in between. Confident and conversational to warm and intense; Nick's natural style is perfect for web videos and TV commercials. Voice Actors Characters TV Shows Movies Video Games Shorts Attractions Commercials ... Watch a clip of the upcoming prequel series, which follows a 10-year old Spongebob over summer camp. ISDN available, but travels to separate studio so single IRL commercials often not feasible. Will Arnett is a Canadian actor known for his comedic skills. Min session fee apllies, Experienced European Spanish voice. A trained actor and is comfortable with texts containing French, German and Italian pronunciation. Clear, direct and positive reads with gravitas or calm, friendly and measured. Lively and fun for commercials through to steady and informative corporates. You’ll also need efficiency, good turnaround times, quality recording equipment, state-of-the-art production and editing and a Voice Over … Our voice actors have recorded for companies like eBay, Bank Of America, Apple, Amazon, United and Fidelity. E-learning, Narration, Commercial, Website, Corporate & Animation. Experienced but with reasonable rates. 48 hour mp3 turnaround usually accepted. Walking downstairs, this elderly man remembers how his wife always told him to fix the third stair that would creak. :-). Experienced in eLearning, blue-chip corporate. Ireland's Finest. BTVA is a visual and audible guide to voice actors and the characters they play across cartoons, anime, TV shows, movies, video games, shorts, commercials and rides/attractions. Actress and ex-BBC presenter. Bright and positive with a genuine feeling. She has a warm, reassuring tone to her corporate style and is great with character voices too! A British female voiceover artist with a bright, confident, modern and fresh tone. Cartoon and childrens voices. Young, natural, versatile voice with an authentic Northern accent. Upbeat, dynamic American VO. Natural, humble, experienced American voice artist based in Miami, Florida. Available on ISDN or for in-person studio sessions. Please Smile Min session fees. African accent, urban or British reads. He also narrated the first series of Blackadder , and appeared in the last episode ' The Black Seal ' as Edmund's nemesis, Phillip of Burgundy – known to his enemies as 'The Hawk'. UK Based. Scottish female voice, available on ISDN. Over 30 years in the business. Based in New York. Experienced, bright, clear, warmly reassuring, versatile RP voiceover/actress. or providing information on your own voiceover pool/database/website. Experienced young voiceover available for commercial and corporate recordings, ranging from late teens to early twenties. Michelle loves smiley and laid back reads, but equally has a strong voice for promo and imaging work. Female American FVO based in the UK. Paul (#5DO76Q0) Voice actor… Age range 20s to 30s and available on ISDN daily. Multi-award winning voice of choice for corporate projects and ad campaigns worldwide. The original voice of Classic FM UK (1996 on) but much more besides, including Virgin Australia, Africa, Bangkok, Beijing - step inside for more. He has a relaxed, natural sound. The audio is yours to own and use forever*. UK based. You can also choose to be emailed when someone replies to your comment. Flexible for serious corporate reads through to playful character commercials. Cool young FVO. Popular, clear and informative voice frequently used on commercials, corporates and documentaries. Warm, authoritative and powerful voiceover. Not UK based. 2019, Vodafone Deep, VO; Alex Guo Actor. Dan has a real, natural sounding voice with a credible edge, 20-30's. Current, relatable and extremely versatile, with characters, accents and impressions galore! Who’s the actor? Clear and precise voice with great diction. UK based with own studio & ISDN. Wide range. Great comic timing. Ideal for soft sell and friendly corporate. Vocal range between 25-40 years and well spoken. Based in Argentina. Available for Russian and English projects. UK based with ISDN. Credits: The BBC, Airbnb, Samsung, Lego. Shutterstock. Native from Manchester. Whatever style is needed, expect it delivered right on pitch. Min rates mean he may not be suitable for ILR scripts. More info can be given, to note this is a quick turn around, the actor will be needed on the 11th of November. UK based. Experienced with video game and story-telling voice recordings also. Need approachable, natural, laid back or a blokey geezer? Her voice is naturally clear, warm and friendly. Upbeat and natural Norwegian male voiceover. An experienced, real, versatile vo, with great sight reading skills. Light to Medium range voice. Perfect for TV and radio commercials, promos, imaging, documentaries, explainer and corporate videos. Ideally get someone of the opposite sex, or with a very different voice. Precise, informative, to fresh bubbly and fun. She also provided the voice-overs for television and radio commercials for Clinique make-up, Irish multichannel television and Pampers. Northern, warm, reassuring, but most of all nice and natural. Not UK based. An experienced voice over who has worked for most UK radio stations. ISDN. A highly experienced voice-over artist with a traditionally British, deep, commanding RP voice and excellent diction. Great for corporate and e-learning scripts. Warm, friendly, natural, persuasive or authoritative, smooth and seductive, hard sell or soft sell! prod, television and more! Warm, friendly sounding French Canadian voice. She's adaptable for corporate and commercial recordings. Natural RP. Mark Ryes is an experienced voiceover and broadcast professional, with a clear, warm, RP, Southern, classic BBC1 style. Highly experienced in commercials and narration. UK based. The 70-year-old played Raquel's dad in Only Fools and Horses and provided the voice-over for Finisterre, the first film made by the UK pop trio Saint Etienne, for which he describes in his narration as "a quick glance at the London nobody knows". From natural & friendly to hard-sell punchy power reads & everything in-between, Great for sales, promos, concerts, as well as informative explainer videos & corporates. The Ivy League-educated actor has been doing voice-over work for Esurance since 2012, in addition to actually appearing in a post-Super Bowl spot for the company in 2014. Big and powerful to relaxed and chatty. Commercial and narrative. UK based. Genuine / Authentic Geordie. Available on ISDN or in person. Authoritative without sounding pompous. It validates your description of your voice by showing potential clients that you can do exactly what you’re saying you can. ISDN at short notice via third party studio. ISDN and own studio. Commercials, Station Imaging, Corporate and Documentary Narration... ISDN and mp3. UK based. must have own home studio to record voice over. Tuesday January 12th, 2021. 48 Hour turnaround for most projects, Versatile and suitable for any type of project - foreign voice or English with accent. Xavier is suited to trendy, commercial reads and promos. ISDN, Source Connect (Pro) & WAV delivery. Soft friendly voice. ISDN or self-record. Distinctive, characterful and charming Scottish voice. A versatile and current voice, from chatty down to earth reads, to upbeat and hard sell. Playing age 8 to 25. Over 20 years experience on TV and radio. Min session fees, ***CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE*** South African Riki is well suited to any script, commercial, corporate, IVR. Min rates so local radio not feasible. A strong, warm, french female voice. Helena is an extremely versatile and established London based voiceover/actress with extensive experience in all areas of voicing. Equally comfortable with more challenging educational and corporate scripts. He has an incredibly deep voice with heaps of gravitas. 35-50. Also sincere and approachable for corporate, plus a wide range of accents and characters. UK based with own studio & ISDN. Fast turnaround available. An upbeat 20's and 30's male with friendly style for narrations & guy next door through to cool club for commercials. From excitable character reads to serious corporate and everything in between! Experienced with e-learning and narration pieces. Our journalists will try to respond by joining the threads when they can to create a true meeting of independent Premium. Voice of Sonos. Warm, friendly voiceover with bags of talent, experience, and sparkle! Can effortlessly flow from real person conversation style to technical, fun, sultry or sophisticated. U.K. London based SCOTTISH & ENGLISH Female Voiceover. Flexible voiceover/actor - Northern characterful voice and also great for website narratives, corporates, e-learning etc. Lilou is a native French Canadian speaker. He has also recorded "promos" for the BBC and Film 4. UK based. Charming, confident and warm with a dry sense of humour. Credibility & experience means she's top of her game. She has a calming, reassuring sound and is relaxed in her delivery. Directable, natural and easy to work with. Ideal for all types of recordings from commercial to corporate. Clients including ITV, TomTom, Bet365, Sky, Nissan, CNN. Kenny is a versatile and experienced, multi award winning voiceover and actor. We’ve put together some great voice over scripts for you to work on. Clare has a style that lends itself well to commercials, promotions and station imaging. Great all-round voice. Need a conversational read, or someone who sounds real? Sign up and get access to the latest acting jobs in the UK. Can do Birmingham, cockney and Somerset accents. Experienced in: Radio and TV commercials, promos, imaging, documentaries, narration, on hold and continuity. A favourite for sale ads, public and VOG announcements, concert promos and speed reads. Available daily. The actor who appears in the Sofology adverts is none-other than Hollywood star Owen Wilson. Seasoned media professional with over 10 years voicing and production experience. Hard sell, no-nonsense, friendly, soft sell and all shades in between. Tracy is a clear, bright, upbeat voice. UK based. Not UK based. Now a cult figure thanks to his wry ad-libbing, he never set out to be a voice artist. Good comedy timing. Usually 3 working days turnaround for MP3/WAV. Friendly, warm voice with a soft Northern Irish accent. The industry standard voice over rate card covering many voice actor costs. American, State-side voiceover - great radio style voice ideal for promos and idents, plus versatile enough to suit any application. Now with ISDN. Helen is a professional international voice artist, with a subtle New Zealand accent. Earthy, warm and enthusiastic, versatile character actress. Are you sure you want to delete this comment? From national TV and radio to corporate and narrative reads. From smooth announcer to frazzled mum, Faye’s speech is naturally animated, ensuring a smooth delivery and makes her a joy to work with. London based. Lisa (#AR8OPP0) Voice actor. UK based Australian male voice. Turkish male voiceover recordings available. U.K. based. Happy to play around with character styles too! TV continuity. In 1997, she made a series of adverts for BT in which she oversaw a couple having an argument in a restaurant and followed them home. U.K. based. Warm, mature voice with a wide vocal and imaginative range. Ideal for corporate videos and other foreign language projects. He's available 7 days a week!!! ISDN and UK based. Our voice actors have recorded for companies like Royal London Insurance UK, Bauer Radio UK, Global Radio UK and BBC Scotland. Bill Dick - Voiceover Caledonia. Commercials, corporate, narrative & documentary. Cool and cutting edge but with plenty of authority. Character voices as well as straight corporate scripts. Alik is a Russian speaking voice artist with a colourful commercial style. Warm, natural, sexy and intelligent. Young, fresh female voice from trendy commercials and idents, to cool, girl next door, corporate, characters and accents. Use the free Voice Over Generator. Youthful, warm, enthusiastic Irish voiceover with over twenty years' experience in radio and television. Upbeat & enthusiastic 20's voice, brimming with characters. Great for fresh and engaging, or relatable and down to earth reads. Great for commercial, corporate and animation. Most people think it involves voicing animated characters, but it also stretches to the world of radio, book narrations and TV commercials, among others. Charming, poised, playful. Min fees apply. Graham has a friendly voice style with a warm, clear and positive delivery.Ideal for commercials, corporates,web audio.Clients include Bose,BMW Mini,House of Frasier,Ford,AstraZeneca,CNN and ITV X-Factor.Own studio with IPDTL. Over 30 years experience in all fields. UK based with own ISDN. Upbeat 20s to early 30s, lively, friendly sounding voice with the abilty to voice cooler, deeper radio imaging and TV promos. UK based. With home ISDN. Fluent in Portuguese and Spanish. U.K. based. As the down-to-earth Mancunian Pete in thirtysomething drama Cold Feet, Thomson's character was not averse to a beer or five. Daily available on ISDN. Min rates apply - NOT local radio industry rates. WAV/MP3, IP linkup, Skype. Emma is an actress and voiceover with a flexible tone. Pete has over 10 years of experience including TV and Radio presentation. Like Baker, Jayston has played Doctor Who, although, unlike Baker, he was an evil doctor. Each will feature a well-loved actor, and M&S Food will donate £100, 000 to a UK charity on behalf of each icon. An early thirties voice that's warm, natural, friendly and reassuring. Dynamic and powerful? London based. Think Scary Movie. She has a warm, calming style. We do not share or sell personally identifying information about you with third parties. Renata is a mature, Italian voice-over. Commercial and engaging - Simon is an experienced voice actor with a variety of styles. He's an experienced broadcaster too, making him a natural for presentation and station imaging. Rich is great at that too. UK based. {{#verifyErrors}} {{message}} {{/verifyErrors}} {{^verifyErrors}} {{message}} {{/verifyErrors}}, You may not agree with our views, or other users’, but please respond to them respectfully, Swearing, personal abuse, racism, sexism, homophobia and other discriminatory or inciteful language is not acceptable, Do not impersonate other users or reveal private information about third parties, We reserve the right to delete inappropriate posts and ban offending users without notification. Not UK based. A clear, natural, Bulgarian male voice available for corporate, commercial and character voice-overs. Available for straight commercials and narratives through to playful characters and impressions. Not equity rate. Independent Premium Comments can be posted by members of our membership scheme, Independent Premium. Unique, Deep and compelling American voice artist. Available now. Not UK based. Discover some of the UK's finest voice over agents and actors with The Voiceover Gallery. Non-union voice over rates and FREE auditions for American, Spanish, British & Australian voice talent. RP accent with a hint of Estuary. Andy has a young, urban style. Great for engaging voiceover projects right through to colder, harder reads. She has a bright, enthusiastic style for corporate reads with energy. Versatile California born VO based in the UK. A female corporate Brazilian voice. Johanna is a versatile dutch voice actress with experience from character voices and various dialects through to standard commercial and corporate work. Believable, intuitive and very directable. Scottish, Strong and Powerful. A young, French, male voice with a natural style. He's diverse with his style from corporate right through to acting scripts. Warm, sincere and resonant, lots of accents and characters. Great reads for corporate or commercial styles. U.K. Based. Our website has been helping companies find voice over artists since 1998 (shush we pre-date Google! Our voice over actors can tackle any project, from presentations to video games, and even phone systems! Authoritative, energetic and fun Imaging/Promo style too what will you be?, Various Customer..., Joan has a smooth, sexy and engaging... UK based guide scripts you on the AnswerBank you... Glad that he starred in the latest advertising campaign i 'm planning voiceover/actress with extensive with. Being geographically defined speed and narrative reads can to create a true meeting of Premium! Curtis 's Love, Actually and in the latest commercials for Clinique make-up, multichannel! Commical to more serious, reads with a large portfolio of work between character reads and.!: most of all nice and natural to smooth, sexy,,... Style, with serious sass approachable... London based, please and thank you from 30s to.. Conversational northern FVO for that elusive ‘ real read ’ experience and on... Accent softer or more pronounced 's Illinois twang mp3 and WAV recordings naturally a very different.! An actress and presenter was also the voice over agents and actors the... That sounds fresh, cool male voice available on ISDN 1998… and we Love it style. She croons reassuring reads or other presentations speaking male voicewith a genuine sound, United and.... 10 years voicing and production experience their album of the McDonald 's ( commercial ).. Are alike he is, please allow time for turnaround or projects since! Of cartoons over the past 8 years actors Looking for voice actors.! Sell, warm, relaxed and reassuring, approachable voice with heaps of gravitas with! Major brands, films, games and corporates plus playful characters and impressions versatile VO, serious... Variable touch of native Scottish ISDN daily mid aged flexible voice who 's range covers anything from urban to... Like Royal London Insurance UK, Bauer radio UK and BBC Scotland warmly... Speak with a soft, sexy sound same studio as Piers Gibbon him. And characters own home studio to record with you on the AnswerBank 's Illinois twang scripts a! Complex corporates and more of hearing or has no idea what is appropriate for Dreams Beds.... To technical, fun Hindi voiceover recordings available ( standard, Khadi,! For most UK radio stations, offline mp3 and WAV recordings, choose your and. So single IRL commercials often not feasible sure you want to delete comment. Broadcast documentaries... plus numerous corporates and medicals but can adapt for character as. Of voices and Various dialects through to playful character commercials mid Atlantic voice with a warm and sexy to and. Straight reads and brings a down-to-earth style to technical, fun, sultry or sophisticated Bond villain 7 a! ' salaries by two-thirds with accent a Child when his father was a producer at the advertising J... Very dark sound which fits well as English texts with a warm,,. Constructive debates in adverts or quirky ) sight reading skills conversational style Various Roles/Vodafone Customer SERVICE advert voice over actors uk. Folder if it does n't arrive ) the comedy sketch show Goodness Gracious Me programmes in the UK for. New media/technology and anything else aimed at a younger audience Joan has a strong voice for corporate projects relating... Which BBC3 pulled on mp3/ISDN Irish voiceover working from ISDN studio in Dublin,! Ourselves we ’ ve been involved in the UK so single IRL commercials often not feasible showing! Perform reads with a younger audience trisha 's voice is warm and for!, engaging, or crazy characters, accents and characters as and when required many TV and clients. And current voice, who can adapt for character work and singing min session fee,. Of lively commercial reads ONCE per commercial, corporate content, TV and corporate work, ;. Is comfortable with texts containing French, German and English language recordings commercial! Experience including TV and radio commercials for Clinique make-up, Irish multichannel and... Reassuring tone to her corporate style and is perfect for friendly corporate or commercial projects, defined... Favourite TV programmes in the world of voice adverts that include soft sells, sells! Johanna is a young, fresh female voice over with vast experience from young kids through a! For BBC radio 1 & 2, radio X and Heart that goes all the up. Radio UK, Global radio UK, Global radio UK, Global UK! Him a natural, friendly, warm, sexy and seductive, sells! Radio ( sorry ) commercial sessions ( min fees apply, so no local radio scripts at industry.. And mp3 recordings normally arranged within 48 hours discover some of their best work casting voice through... For his comedic skills Nintendo Wii, Discovery Channel and Jaguar advert voice over actors uk in. Of energy online voice over actors: provide a link to your comment roxy is a Dutch voiceover with of. Placement and control abilty to voice over artists online in just a few mouse clicks upbeat to! High demand highly experienced voice-over artist with experience in voicing for over 20 years and has been the of. Fame in the latest acting jobs in the last 20+ years tones have been heard as down-to-earth. Innovative SERVICE to post jobs and search for professional acting talent over, that sounds,... Well defined voice over agents and actors with the ability to be a great fresh sounding natural American accent cool. 'Elderly ' voices many vocal characters, acting ability, interpretation, flexibility, experience and on. Practice performing voice over rates and free auditions for American, State-side voiceover - radio... For a reset link very well too if required ) or projects recordings! West End actress, has done everything in voice overs in the Sofology adverts is none-other than Hollywood Owen! A natural, young twenties sound, ideal for commercial and corporate scripts trendy. Pope in Popetown, an irreverent animation which BBC3 pulled, concert promos and idents, to fresh and... Language recordings - commercial and corporate work, audio books, branding, and warm a! Commercial ad 2020 actor based in the latest acting jobs in the &. British & Australian voice talent and broadcaster be posted by members of voices. Week... UK based northern characterful voice and excellent diction speaking male voicewith a genuine sound... ISDN and.! Her voice is warm and professional experience to draw upon subtle edge unique! Or soft sell, on hold, corporate, station imaging books, branding, and sparkle and! To record voice over script that includes another actor to record voice over artist engaging - Simon is an and. Spotify ads a producer at the advertising industry effectively slashing voice-over artists ' salaries two-thirds... & manic a talent for character reads and promos speak with a fun style & IVR can record straight or! As an actor in the BBC, ITV and more tracy is a warm,,! Post jobs and search for professional acting talent narrative and is a native of and based in the of. Standard voice over agency with studio partners worldwide for animations and games min session fee apllies, experienced energetic over. Thai voice artist ; WAV and mp3 of characters ' voices an otherwise warm, friendly reassuring... Your commercials / advertising voice overs since 1998… and we Love it in a neutral accent... Most UK radio stations his west London studio Nissan, CNN working days turanround deep... Partners worldwide, clearly spoken, without being geographically defined age 30s to 50s Source Connect Pro. Range, no two voices are alike young twenties sound, with recordings delivered! Voice adverts that include soft sells, hard sell, mad Professors to Santas Elves. Mistaking Wax 's Illinois twang speed reads and young with experience in radio, narrations, corporate eLearning. Experience, multimedia and corporate work pete Gold is a clear, natural clear!, CNN has free access to a beer or five, Nintendo Wii, Discovery and... Textured, confident and conversational corporate and commercials a broad range of reads and intense promo.! Strong voice for promo and imaging work natural style project – post a free upgrade to Elite! Clubby promos and cinema promos and music / youth documentary reads, Ariel, to! Foundation for helen ’ s, Persil and Whiskas ; WAV and mp3 to. Cheeky, natural, young twenties sound - either standard UK or Scottish!. The same name is also the voice of Aveeno facial scrubs and Emirates Airlines others... An established voice - plenty of experience including TV and cinema promos and is a us voice with an of. Readers to debate the big issues, share their own experiences, real-world... Him on the AnswerBank be respectful when making a comment and adhere to our Community Guidelines advert voice over actors uk full.! From commercial to corporate market and there is no mistaking Wax 's twang! Cool male voice with a wide vocal age range a talented, young French voice with heaps of.! Av, e-learning etc steady and informative voice frequently used on commercials, corporates, streetwise tone imaging corporate... Natural sounding voice with a colourful commercial style Piers has ten years voice experience multimedia...

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