Italy: Tuscany

Sangiovese grapes, that will someday be a delicious Brunello, growing on the slopes of Montalcino.
Wine Barrels at Altesino Winery, Montalcino Italy
The beautiful Tuscan town of Civita di Bagnoregio,

Once you have visited Tuscany you will never think of Italian Wine in the same way. Tuscany is rolling hills, sunflower fields and stone farmhouses. As you drive along curving roads, ever so often you make your way to a beautiful village. Montalcino is one of these villages. Famous for the Brunello wine grown on its hill sides, Montalcino is one of the most picturesque villages in Tuscany. Brunello wine is made from the Sangiovese grape grown here, but the most important ingredient in creating one of the world’s most delicious wines, is the soil. The soil on the hillsides of Montalcino is mostly made up of limestone. When you refine your senses of smell and taste, you will learn to recognize the limestone taste in this wine, and be able to recognize this wine in a blind tasting, immediately. Brunello has a smell and taste like no other wine. A delicious mix of dried currant, dried blueberry with under currents of limestone and smoke develop in these wines due to the required eight years of aging which is required for these special wines to be labeled as a Brunello. Altesino Winery is a fabulous small boutique winery to visit. We stopped in the day before we wanted to visit and made an appointment for the following day. During our visit we had a tour and a tasting of not only their wonderful Brunello wine, but also their olive oil. Don’t miss this winery!

The communale (local wine store which sells local wines direct from the farmer) in the picturesque town of Montalcino is located in the beautiful castle in Montalcino. The employees were very helpful in choosing local wines to taste and purchase. They also ship your wines home which makes it very easy to purchase wine and send it home!

My Recommendations for Tuscany:

Altesino-Strada Provinciale del Brunello 53024 Montalcino SI, Italy 

Fortezza di Montalcino-Piazzale Fortezza, 9 53024 Montalcino SI, Italy


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