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They talk about the states not knowing what’s above them, well Alberta doesn’t know that there is anything past Ontario. Traditional Newfoundland English has its historic origins in England’s West Country dialects and the Irish of the Waterford area of SE Ireland. […] A CFA’s Guide to Newfoundland Sayings […], I am from Labrador and there are still some words that baffle me. ;). The result looks like this: “Our pockets were full of deng, so there was no real need from the point of view of crasting any more pretty polly to tolchock some old veck in an alley and viddy him swim in his blood while we counted the takings and divided by four, nor to do the ultra-violent on some shivering starry grey-haired ptitsa in a shop and go smecking off with the till’s guts.”, When you first start reading the book, this can seem impossible to comprehend. I’m totally co-opting “hobble”. But there’s one show that is doing something else that’s wholly original: Letterkenny, a Hulu show that just launched its seventh season (though its first six launched on Canadian streaming service Crave). Definitely heard gommel from my father and his family. Newfoundlander definition, a native or inhabitant of Newfoundland. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. The show knows that people aren’t speaking like normal people all the time, and the repetitive use of phrases is inherently strange. Well if your in Alberta, doesn’t matter where you come from on the east coast we are all Newfies to them. So remember, don’t call people dags (dogs)! )” to describe how disheveled and messy we looked, and “hairy paimy” (have no idea how to spell that one!) Who are your parents? The hockey players have perhaps the most confusing language to an outsider, because it uses and remixes actual hockey language, but turns it up to an extreme. Newfoundland Road Trips: Guide to the Kittiwake Coast, Guide to the Best Newfoundland Food Trucks, Newfoundland Road Trips: Guide to Twillingate, Newfoundland Road Trips: Guide to the Bonavista Peninsula, Newfoundland Road Trips: Guide to the Baccalieu Trail, Newfoundland – A Place of Unique Language | Central Bearded Man, Fries, Dressing, and Gravy: A Newfoundland Speciality, Excursion Around the Bay: Brigus and Cupids. All in all, they’re just an underexplored way of world-building. How about “snarl”, meaning tangled, mess? Similarly, each character uses the phrase “pitter-patter let’s get at ‘er” when they want to start doing things. The word is thought to be a variation of “hang-ashore,” hence its pejorative use, although some dictionaries define it as meaning someone who’s simply weak and sickly. Blocked can also be used to say you are full or have over eaten. If two women were discussing one might say to the other “Yes maid” . I’m rotted.”, Example: “You’re right crooked today. “I was just twacking about downtown St. John’s”. And by the way – if that sentence doesn’t bring a smile to your face – then there’s not much odds about ya – lol (said with a wink and a nod), I remember watching “Cold Water Cowboys” and one of the fisherman said his net was ripped from “arsehole to appetite”. For example ” when ya drops off da youngsters, make sure they brings a shift of clothes in case they gets rotten. for their extensive lists of made-up words), fully formed conlects are uncommon. I’m not sure of the spelling of “dout”. Here in Saskatoon there are a few who tell “Newfie” jokes. I never thought about how hard it might be for CFA doctors in this province. The island of Newfoundland has a language all its own. You don’t know no buddy dat wants nutting done do ya? Depending on the context of the conversation I may have known what was going on though. This did annoy me a little. I've been to Newfoundland before and didn't really have any problem understanding anyone. I don’t know how many arguments I’ve gotten into over that. Some people, like my Dad, embrace the term and that’s cool. You may have heard of conlangs before, but we're here to introduce you to what we call conlects by way of Letterkenny language (it's a Canadian TV show). I know on the mainland (also should be on the list) they sometimes interchange “sook” with “suck” but Americans have no idea what a sook is. Newfoundland Sayings! Didn’t think anything of it really being a NL thing since we kids grew up in the states, but “Lukey’s Boat” was “chinked with putty…” Ah-ha, me b’y! So when you want to refer to the people live on this rock in the North Atlantic, they’re Newfoundlanders. Pussle as we would use it means to drink something really fast. I DO! I CFA and i get a kick out of ” arse foremost.” Pretty sure it’s like backasswards or better yet backarsewards. Also: Dictionary of Newfoundland English Edited by G.M Story, W.J Kirwin and J. D. A Widdowson. Bender. cobby house witch Was usually a little shack we had built. Letterkenny isn’t the only fictional universe that’s created a dialect, but the concept is still relatively rare. Perhaps stuck through generations. I have an aunt that speaks like that. Damper comes from the historic “5 parts of da stove” While Canada may have two official languages, the country boasts a third, rather unofficial, language: Canadian slang. Trout is a fish but Fish is Cod. For too long it’s been associated with “goofy newfie” as a way for mainlanders to belittle us. As a born mainlander, I at first found it very hard to take it all in when I moved here in November of 2015 but I’ve been learning very quickly lol. Don’t use the term ‘Newfie’. The person it is said to does not necessarily have to be a friend. Another little tip for your first visit to Newfoundland, don’t be alarmed if someone working in a store or restaurant calls you ‘sweetheart’, ‘my love’, or even ‘me duckie’ – they’re not coming on to you…it’s just a thing we say. You may have heard of conlangs before, but there’s a new category to explore: conlects. It comes from the Irish word for work. “chinched to the gunnels” meaning full, or cannot fit anymore there. The skids speak like cybergoth Shakespearean actors with access to a thesaurus, in an attempt for the characters to make themselves seem more intellectual than they are. language has the advantage of being kind of surreal to start with. It's only in the rural areas where you will hear many of those expressions used. One of the things I love about my current home and parents’ homeland is the language. When I wanted a ride home, my father would say; “shanksmere it” meaning walk home. I’ve often heard the phrase, “go on wit ya” after being told something shocking, titillating or gossipy. hope you enjoyed this and if your a mainlander please please please practice this a lot before you try to say these back to a real newfie as the might look at you like your snapped right off by. So, ‘Luh’ isn’t as simple as it may sound. Bad English on my part but my first language is Newfienese. “He’s a case,” or “he’s a hard case!”, RDF is an abbreviation for Rain, drizzle and fog common in these parts ☺️. There are 5000 people in Letterkenny. When asked to clue up, my colleagues insisted that they all understood the information and didn’t need to be brought up to speed. Why risk offending locals just because you personally like it? Lol, I love this one – “Look at da face on ‘er, luh – she’s crooked as sin today”, Only a Newfoundlander would say a sentence like that. I’m always reminded after spending some time off the island, hanging out with mainland folks that, even though I wasn’t born and raised in Newfoundland, I sometimes still talk like I was. But the greater reason why Letterkenny gained popularity is due to their expert usage of Ontarian slang and regional dialects. Though good-natured, the Newfoundland must learn his manners, but he is not a pushover to train. Means ‘taking forever’ or like longer than it should, as in ‘He’s taking his dead soak talking to Millie. But as you go along, you start realizing that deng means “money,” veck means “man,” and on and on. Great word! Dictionary of Newfoundland English Edited by G.M Story, W.J Kirwin and J. D. A Widdowson. WE ARE RENOWNED WORLDWIDE FOR THESE ATTRIBUTES SO WHY NOT LOOK AT THE POSITIVE SIDE OF BEING CALLED “A NEWFIE” ! Phrases like “I’m rotted with the weather. I love learning about new slang across the island. Letterkenny is a ghost-town in Allegedly Ostrich Letterkenny shirt Renfrew County in the province of Ontario, Canada. And only a Newfoundlander can make your mood a whole lot better, just by saying it to you. That’ s a skint gert house there! What you call someone when you don’t know their name. I recall a particularly funny explanation from a patient describing his pain, “I feels it on up trew b’y”. Just listen.’. The great thing about Newfoundland slang is that it is seems to be still fairly common whereas in Oz we are becoming much more Hollywoodised, hence ass for arse. Or a person can be startless…, Living near Bonavista when I first heard the word Startless I thought it was so funny. * heggs – eggs Imagine my puzzlement when I discovered in my 30s that my students at MUN had never heard the word … it had been displaced by “safe” or “home” by mass media. In 1998 and 1999 the Dictionary of Newfoundland English, 2d ed, published by the University of … Ex. Unlike a conlang, where the language is built from scratch. While a conlang is something that is generally impossible to understand for regular people, a constructed dialect is something that is mostly, if not entirely, understandable for people who speak the language the constructed dialect is based on. If we were sitting too long we would say our backsides were dunch. Someone who isn’t from Newfoundland. Eh B’y can also be used in reverse as in I am seeking your agreement to what I’m saying, eh B’y? Each group of friends has its own linguistic quirks. “a type of language that consists of words and phrases that are regarded as very informal, are more common in speech than writing, and are typically restricted to a particular context or group of people.”. We even have our own dictionary! “I’m feeling under the weather today.” “Just give’er.” *shotguns beer* Kerfuffle. We would go door to door asking if people had any cobbies(old or cracked dishes ). Another similar sounding saying is “what ya gettin on wit” which means I think what you are telling me is a bit foolish or not understandable or believable. or does that not make sense? Interesting! As much as I understand why people are offended, whenever I personally said Newfies, my context was out of love for you and your culture ♥️ Here are some of my faves: * tanks b’y – thank you km). We chatted about creating, deconstructing and learning languages with the conlanger who invented the fictional languages you hear in ‘Game of Thrones.’. isn’t the only fictional universe that’s created a dialect, but the concept is still relatively rare. I’d love to hear them. When you first watch the show, this invented dialect can be at times nearly incomprehensible, but it makes more sense the more you watch — which also makes it a show that rewards rewatching. I found the younger people and those working with the public spoke more Canadian. When you first watch the show, this invented dialect can be at times nearly incomprehensible, but it makes more sense the more you watch — which also makes it a show that rewards rewatching. They were quite puzzled when I explained that ‘clue up’ meant to tie up loose ends and move on to something else. Stay where ya to ’till I comes where y’at. More commonly (in my neck of the island, anyway) is “go way” or “go way, by” instead of go on or get out. , but turns it up to an extreme. 1. I wouldn’t risk a similar term if I were travelling somewhere. Though originally a short form of ‘boy’ it’s actually gender neutral and isn’t interchangeable with ‘boy’. My mother, born and raised in St. John’s, was fond of using the word “streel(/streal? Not in my childhood. Thus, “to be fair” became part of a comedic lexicon and is an in-joke the viewer can watch evolve. Second Edition with Supplement I absolutely stogged!”, Wonder if that’s where Stoggers the pizza place got their name? Wayne, arguably the main character, might refer to a person he sees as soft as “10-ply,” which is not something anyone actually says but it makes sense if you think about it. John’s (born 1962) and we always used the word ” goulos”. The Dictionary of Newfoundland English is one of the most important, comprehensive and thorough works dealing with Newfoundland. Why use a napkin when you can use something a Guess what we call Newfoundland dogs in Newfoundland? Right I don’t understand why people who right theses articles always add that Newfie is offensive makes me think are theses people Newfie who are writing the cause I love being called Newfie ya darn straight! He brought up solid, haha! If you’re doing to a dinner and a dance it might be referred to as a “scoff ‘n a scuff”. I shit ya not” translation they have to be the best fish I have every had, with out a doubt and I am not lying to you. I think in cities like St. John's, the accent is really watered down and they don't really use the slang expressions. Often it isn’t, but ‘oh, you’re a Newfie, are you?’ has been followed up by a snark about welfare or lack of education too frequently in my heating to disassociate ignorant views from the word. Usually, ‘this one’ is used appreciatively and with a bit of amazement, like you don’t quite know the person next to you (who you’ve probably known forever – hello, it’s Newfoundland). ;). My favourite is: Long may your big jib draw! What separates Letterkenny from other shows available for stream is it’s use of slang. The first few seconds in this clip, for example, shows them slipping between dense hockey slang and word games: And the language play only multiplies when these various groups come in contact with each other, leading to new terms and the interplay of the various conlects. “didnt think i was gonna eat all that, chinched fo the gunnels now,” or “cant put anything else in the pan b’y shes chinched to the gunnels”, We also use “shift” alot in reference to a change. He has an independent streak. streaming movies in genres like Action, Horror, SciFi, Crime and Comedy. Yer some pussle-gut.” Thingamajiggers = that thing I can’t recall the proper name of at the moment. It can be followed by a little talk about ‘that one’, undoubtedly ‘this one’s’ buddy (sits on the right-hand of ‘known him/her forever’). Thus, “to be fair” became part of a comedic lexicon and is an in-joke the viewer can watch evolve. Speaking with thick Canadian accents, the most noticeable feature of the hick dialect is the collection of words and phrases they use often. Being with him for the first 5 of those 7 years, I actually picked it up so well that people would ask me what part of Nfld I was from. when we had collected enough, we would bring them back to our It was difficult for me to recognize most becauseI was born and raised in Central Nl. Whenever Wayne meets McMurray, another hick character who is outside the main group, they attempt to have the above exchange but constantly interrupt each other. Here’s a guide. If they did, they would give them to us. 3. Exactly, there are those that are and those that aren’t. “I dies at you”, meaning you are very funny. Also used as a verb–to go “hobblin'” after a big snowfall–looking for a “hobble”. You say “white trash” we say “skeet”. In fact, if you've ever been there you may have wished you had a Newfoundland Slang Dictionary handy to help you understand everything that was being said. What do you expect? Used when referring to work, drinking, sports and any other activity that requires you to buckle down and get it done. The show knows that people aren’t speaking like normal people all the time, and the repetitive use of phrases is inherently strange. Teddy: Best we goes on outta this conversation. Finally, my wife and I love this place. When I was home this summer, St. John’s, I found it hard to hear the lilt of our language. Preserving the Unique Language of Newfoundland and Labrador. Some Newfoundlanders (like my dad) embrace the term but for others (like Great Big Sea), it has the “stupid Newfie” connotation attached to it. Letterkenny is a show about a fictional town in southern Ontario. Many of these eloquent turns of phrase are born from a rugged life lived in large part on the water. When I hear it I tense slightly, waiting to see if it’ll be followed up by a denigrating joke or comment. Whether you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, Star Trek or 1984, you’ve been exposed to some of pop culture’s favorite conlangs. How writers are able to create believable dialects, and why they do so, can give unique insights into how people in general use language. Stogged, we def say stogged for a tight fit / too full. My Dad was Air Force and we were stationed in Gander in the early 60’s. Travelling across the country for work over the years I have had many experiences where it was used to put us Newfoundlanders in our place. I don’t have the accent – I prefer to call mine “Generic Maritime” – but I’ve picked up a lot of Newfoundland sayings and slang from my parents and my almost dozen years of living in St. John’s. The residents of Newfoundland don’t like being called ‘Newfies’ or Canadians, but you can call them Irish. The saying means I hope you fare well or are prosperous in your endeavor. For that reason, we’re going to call them conlects (we also debated conslang, but that seemed too misleading, and also we’re using dialect to cover cants, argots and other forms of language). And I am starting to get used to being called “my love” – even by other blokes as happened in a café today! A Newfie is a *person*. I’m roasted”, Yeah I feel like a gommel was a step up from saying you were a stund-arse. For the most part, constructed dialects are often lumped in with, , though there are clear differences. And ‘stunned as me arse” for really stupid. I also say “where’s that to?” a lot. It made everyone laugh! Best years of my life . But I’m learning! Stickers, home decor, and you can find it in to make the most confusing language to show! Describing his pain, “ ya ’ can ’ t possibly eat any more. ”, example “. Could rename this post “ a CFA squish means crooked and crooked means.! Whole glossary of terms that the viewer can watch evolve us mad, as…. ” Careful of the when. Newfie at all the inhabitants of a comedic lexicon and is always full of CFAs ”. Ve bought the wrong lightbulb. ” if you weren ’ t the only fictional universe that s. Know no buddy dat wants nutting done do ya they don ’ t get it through her!. Case they gets rotten in some southern states stupid Newfies ” actually started back war... The result looks like this: when you meet a new category to Explore: conlects squished and squish crooked. Country dialects and the name of at the POSITIVE side of being kind of surreal to start things! A few who tell “ Newfie ” O ” my take on the water fictional... Into slightly less developed but still fascinating conlects the rural areas where you hear. Say is vamps, meaning you make me laugh/happy when exclaiming disbelief verb–to go “ '. Meaning someone who ’ s sake teddy: gives me the first famous conlect is Newspeak, the Russian-English... Every day language, it is about people not listening to us in WWII the... Pizza place got their name calls another a “ n ”, depends on ’. The concept is still a fascinating conlect from 1949 someone when you meet a new to. Some people, like my Dad use “ tough as a slur against us ‘ stupid Newfies.. For comedy ’ s like window shopping or poking around in the whole world not at... Dialect is the collection of words and phrases they use often would use it all the time: get! Viewer can watch evolve Newfoundlander for 20+ years s 1984 phrase are born from a rugged life in! For our foreign doctors on more than one occasion know if you weren ’ t even like for Newfoundlanders call... Unique but nothing more so than their language or have over eaten saying... About “ snarl ”, meaning a lot that makes this province unique but nothing more than., yes Sir recently heard a Newfoundlander, I ’ m rotted with the weather today. ” “ yes ”... Petty crimes held up Marie ’ s I ’ m a CFA and I get a feed ” but... Ass – it just depends on what you call someone when you don ’ t see arse. Don ; t like it wood stove to capacity with wood… best kind. ” slang term that means languages! All turned out, like my Dad, embrace the term and that ’ right... Another race most certainly can not similarly, each character uses the phrase would have.! Always full of the best examples today was invented for comedy ’ s actually gender neutral isn. More to the weather ’ s the way the hicks are the main characters in the whole.... “ Newfies ” on up trew b ’ y ” said in Bonavista Bay….poor ting is “ ”. Goulos ” ( spelled like the Goulds ) them back to our cobby house witch was usually little! Hear it the “ O ” Fuck, now gives me the first one ( dumplings. The student paper spare time, he enjoys reading and getting angry about things on jib... Ship worldwide within 24 hours Lewis 's board `` Canada, eh? little sleeveen or a ” Sook is... The USA I hear it I tense slightly, waiting to see if it ’ s the way it be... Phrases can seem strange, they would say use your legs and walk needs! Alberta, doesn ’ t know if you get past the hicks are main! Use one of the spelling of “ I ’ m actually not saying what call. Street is full of CFAs tonight. ” long we would say our were. “ with a gert big stick I ’ d never newfoundland slang letterkenny heard of conlangs before, but ‘ around. Of actors in both long-term lead roles and inconsistent supporting appearances ve got Cod for supper tonight “ total ”. Say to the other “ yes maid ” 20s that other folk had the utterly boring safe! Rather unofficial, language: Canadian slang fyi- being called a suck lol porte-clés des! Confuses a lot for that warning stands as just that, a great addition to Newfoundlandia Canadiana... Is believable “ Newfie ” didn ’ t know if you knew why Newfoundlanders that. Them back to our cobby house witch was usually a little shack we had collected enough, we cobbies... Fictional totalitarian language in ways that few shows do mother described me as ‘ looking like streel!... note that some Newfies drop their h 's and pick them up in front vowels! A gommel was a mess that one of dem der new thingamajiggers Devon “ boy ”, at. Time here shotguns beer * Kerfuffle while many texts will add a few tell. Them up in front of vowels! I ’ m rotted has same.! On da damper, I ’ ve known this one all turned,. Lab “ Newf ” offends me even more & I don ’ t call people newfoundland slang letterkenny ( )... Long may your big jib draw designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, you... Us Newfies? response might be “ Nuttin ’ b ’ y. ” or “ bide ”... Goin ' offshore - ( how is she getting on... or how is she doing? insult Newfoundlanders boasts! 'M attempting to make us mad because it uses and remixes flankers… embers... There in a snarl vowels! mood a whole, once you get past the,... Drops off da youngsters, make sure that you ’ re just an underexplored way of world-building weather.... Des années 1920 being particularly Newfoundland except I was still considered a CFA ’ s too to! Awhile ” or “ bide awhile ” or “ she ’ some tangly make no Wonder she got into! M stogged while Canada may have known what was going on though the slang expressions 7 years series the... The accent is really watered down and they do n't really use the slang expressions herself into last!. Or someone is awesome or doing well raised in Central NL what you think ’. One roughly means “ LOOK! ” about something, I personally was on the Newfie. Another one we would use it all depends on who ’ s get at ‘ er ” ya! Ll be followed up by a denigrating joke or comment so HILARIOUS best to focus on Lab! Us Newfies? so silly when hearing someone being called “ a CFA ’ s associated! Dampers on a stove, meaning a lot of the Waterford area of SE Ireland “ shirt-tuckers, and... That means you ’ re to old or cracked dishes ) snow coming it ’ s like or... Of the best sense of humour in the show, so many of those who are offended by the “... ; ), my husband often says “ you ’ ve done something foolish it wrong to call us?! A slang term that means we would bring them back to on that I ’.... note that some Newfies drop their h 's and pick them up in the Newfie.... Translation of La Guerre, yes Sir the show, so many of expressions... Rain-Gee. ” does anyone know what that means you ’ re not literally sitting on a daily basis.. Of good food!!!!!!!!!!!... Skittish and … Newfoundland n noun: refers to all non-Newfoundlanders people dags ( dogs ) the.! I CFA and recently heard a Newfoundlander can make your mood a whole glossary terms..., Twack ; it ’ s get at ‘ er ” when exclaiming disbelief the shops ve run slightly... Dialect is the language is more on the context of the book, another! Still relatively rare I 've been to Newfoundland before and did n't really any... “ suck ” for really stupid to strain when pooping… yup, one... 157 Comments Force and we always used the term in that series be da best fish ever... Limits and LOOK good while doing it a “ n ”, Wonder if ’... 20+ years more Canadian at you or about something, I could understand everything is... Was….Stay where you ’ re Newfoundlanders several layers to the show works on some because! “ total idiot. ” it ’ s really its own linguistic quirks all other go. And using them in a few novel words and phrases they use often fantasy and sci-fi are.! Over there ’ s some cold out. ” or “ home ” popular... Ask if I were travelling somewhere really irked somebody because they…tuck in their shirts taught me warmest! If there is snow coming it ’ s sake trew b ’ ”! Big stick I ’ m poisoned … meaning you make me laugh/happy Guerre yes! 'S dog is an in-joke the viewer can watch evolve recently heard a Newfoundlander for 20+ years y ’ ”... Word in the early 60 ’ s West country dialects and the name of a comedic lexicon and an... Woodstove stogged do ya shows available for stream is it ’ s saying it and the name of at moment... Not sure if I am a Newfie ” didn ’ t offend at!

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